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Suikawari with JNS & Sub Japan

Summer is here and we are raring to enjoy some watermelon splitting or suikawari! JNS and SubJapan therefore invite you all to a gathering at Frognerparken where we will enjoy the weather and some food and drinks while seeing who can split the watermelon first.

What do you do during a suikawari event? The concept is simple; you are blindfolded and equipped with a wooden pole or sword. Then you are spun around by somebody else until you are not sure what is where and then guided by the voices of the surrounding people to find your way to the watermelon and do your best to split it.

JNS will bring some watermelons and a wooden sword. Feel free to bring your own watermelon and a suitable wooden pole if you want to contribute to the event. 

Please bring your own food and drink, and abide by the local rules for alcohol consumption. This is a family-friendly event, so we recommend to plan your choice of food and drinks accordingly.

The event is open for anyone, so feel free to bring friends and family.

Note: The date of this event may be changed in case of rain. In such an event, we will change the date in the Facebook event, so please make sure you stay updated.