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Skiing Day

As we announced in the annual meeting Japan-Norway Society has the pleasure to invite all its members to a skiing day Sunday March 10th at 11 o´clock AM.

The place is Skansebakken in the end of Sørkedalen. By car you take Sørkedalsveien to the end. It starts from Majorstua, goes through Smestadkrysset, then via Røakrysset to Bogstad and then you just follow the road to the end. From Majorstua it is about 15 km and it will take about 25 minutes. Just across the road for the ski-area is a parking lot. It cost NOK 50 to park there. It is possible to take a bus from Røa (number 41) that goes all the way, and payment is Zone 1 inside Oslo.

The area is where Skiforeningen has had its skiing course thus there are tracks and small hills where beginners and intermediates can enjoy skiing.

We will supply some typical items that Norwegians bring along for their skiing trips - oranges, Kvikk Lunsj, buns -, but you will have to bring along your own bento box or “matpakke”.

If you want to participate, please send an email It is not a binding sign-up, but we would like to know approximately how many will come.

As the skiing conditions and weather is uncertain we will check the area by Wednesday March 6 and give a notice if we have to cancel due to lack of snow.