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Sakura-kai @ Botanical Garden

May 20th from 13 -  @ Botanical Garden: Sakura-kai

J-NS would like to invite all of you to welcome the spring and summer in Norway the Japanese way — looking at the sakura in full bloom while enjoying company, food, and drinks!

Please register using this link:

If you have trouble with the link, please send e-mail to

The event will take place at Botanisk Hage (the botanical garden) at Tøyen in Oslo. We will bring some wagashi (Japanese sweets) provided by SubJapan and green tea for for the registered participants to enjoy. Everyone is free to bring their own food and drink to the event, and we recommend that you also bring some kind of sheet that you will be able to sit comfortably on during the event.

If you have never heard of wagashi and/or want to try making it yourself, Rie Nonoka from SubJapan will hold a wagashi workshop for 10 people who want to explore and taste different types of wagashi. The workshop is in the morning right before the sakura event, and thus you can bring your newly made wagashi and enjoy it under the sakura trees! Please see details here:

For those of you that want to experience the feeling of enjoying a delicious bento box with Japanese-style seafood, it is possible to place an order for a chirashi-zushi from Gutta fra Havet. One bento is NOK 130. 

Due to limited space at the venue, please make sure to register your name and how many you will be. We will set a limit at 50 people. The registration will close May 16. 

(Please also abide by the local rules for alcohol consumption in public if you are planning to bring alcoholic beverages)

Dear All! We're looking forward to meeting you for the Sakura-Kai tomorrow 1300 in the Botanical Garden!! Please bring something to sit on! We will meet in the outlined area on the picture below.