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Flavors of Japan - 'Japanese tea, food and sweet tasting'

The Japan-Norway Society and Oslo International Hub will introduce Japanese tea, food and sweet in collaboration with Spill the Tea, Obento box and Rose Production(Hiroe Rose).

Tea sommelier of Spill the Tea will give us a small lecture and introduce 5 sorts of authentic Japanese tea, ex. Sencha, Kabusecha, Hojicha and more.

We'll serve 'Obento' from Obento box at Mathallen, and 'Jyounamagashi' (Japanese traditional 'petit four') from Rose Production.

Tea sommelier will combine one sort of Japanese tea with one sort of Japanese meal, ex. Teriyaki Salmon, Fried Chicken, Roast pork with Soya and more.

Hiroe Rose as Japanese sweets maker will give us a small lecture and introduce Jyounamagashi.
At the end you can taste Jyounamagashi with Japanese tea.

Let's enjoy Japanese tea, food and sweet tasting and pairing!

Spill the Tea and Rose Production will sell their own products after the event.

Participation Fee:
200kr for J-NS and OIH members
250kr for non-members

Deadline of registration: 18th October

Registration through google form:

Payment: Kindly transfer the fee to 1609.04.42094 or Vipps (The Japan Norway Society) until 18th October, and mark the payment 'Flavors of Japan'.

Cancellation policy: After 18th October will be full charged.

Maximum participants: 25 persons

Please note that there is no vegetarian option.