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Japanese Tea Ceremony in the spirit of ’Murakami by Murakami’ 円相・Ensō

Norwegian Culture Inspired Japanese Tea Ceremony vol.3

Japanese Tea Ceremony in the spirit of ’Murakami by Murakami’ 円相・Ensō
Traditional, Pop, Kawaii Tea ceremony in 3 different styles

Date: 06. April 2017 19:00-21:00
Place: Vingen Bar, Astrup Fearnley Museet Strandpromenaden2, 0252 Oslo
Participation Fee: 250 kr for members / 300 kr for non-members
 (Incld. Participation fee and one drink at reception)

19:00: Traditional Tea Ceremony Demonstration in a flower circle
19:30: Reception, Calligraphy demonstration, Guests’ Participation to Ceremony
Omotesenke in traditional style by Yasuko Oki
Urasenke in Pop Norwegian style by Ole Marius Tørrisen
Enshū-ryū in Kawaii style by Håkon Vadstein
Guests can choose one of three different tea ceremony styles at your participation
Special ‘Murakami’ cocktail will be served at the reception
Calligraphy demonstration by Masayo Sato
Bring with you: Your favorite “cushion”
Please notice that at the demonstration, we will ask our guests to be seated on the floor.
We recommend bringing your favorite “cushion” or something per each to make
yourself comfortable!!
Registration: Please send e-mail to before April 2nd
-Write down ”Tea Ceremony ” in the subject area.
-Write down your preference alcohol or non-alcohol.
-Write down your preference at participation ceremony
1) Omotesenke in traditional style, 2) Urasenke in Pop Norwegian style, 3) Enshū-ryū in Kawaii style.
-We will take ”first come - first serve” policy.
Payment: Bank account No. 1609 04 42094 (The Japan Norway Society).
-Mark payment with your name and ”Tea Ceremony”.
-For JNS members, please write down ‘JNS’.
-We ask for the fee to be paid by April 3rd.
-Registration will be completed by confirmation mail after your payment attendance fee.
Cancellation policy: After April 4th will be full charged.
Contact to as soon as possible before this deadline.
Maximum participants: 45 guests

The Japan Norway Society
Collaboration with Vingen Bar
Sponsored by Palais des Thes

Norwegian Culture Inspired Japanese Tea Ceremony vol.3 円相・Ensō’Murakami by Murakami’
展からの発想 伝統的な、ポップな、可愛いお茶会

日時:     2017年4月6日(木)19:00-21:00
会場: Vingen Bar, Astrup Fearnley Museet Strandpromena -
den2, 0252 Oslo
会費: 会員250 kr /非会員 300 kr(お茶席体験、レセプションでの1ドリンク含む)
19:00:     お茶会のデモンストレーション
19:30:     お茶席体験、書道デモンストレーション、レセプション
          大木靖子(表千家講師)、O l e Marius T ø r r i s e n( 裏千家)、
          Håkon Va d s t e i n( 遠州流)佐藤暢代(書家)
-お茶席体験では、1. 伝統的なスタイルの表千家、2. ポップなノルウェースタイルの裏千家、
3. 可愛いお盆点ての遠州流のいずれかをお選び頂けます(各回人数に限りあり)
-レセプションでは、V i n g e n B a r 特製のM u r a k a m iスペシャルカクテルを楽しみながら
お願い: クッションをご持参ください。
お申し込み: e v e n t @ j - n s . n o  4月2日までにメールでお申込みください。
お支払い: No. 1609 0 4 42094 (The Japan Norway S o c i e t y ) 4月3日
キャンセルについて: 4月4日以降のキャンセルは、返金いたしかねますので予めご了承くださ
い。キャンセルのご連絡は、e v e n t @ j - n s . n oまでお早めにご連絡ください
協賛:Vingen Bar
協力:Palais des Thes