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Flavors of Japan - 'Japanese tea and food tasting'

The Japan Norway Society will introduce Japanese tea and food culture in a collaboration with @Palais des Thes Norge, and in a cooperation with @Gutta fra Havet.

Tea sommeliers of Palais des Thea will give us a small lecture of Japanese Tea, and introduce 5-6 sorts of the authentic Japanese tea, ex. Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Tamaryokucha, etc. and the tasty combinations with Japanese food which will be prepared by Gutta fra Havet.

Gutta fra Havet will prepare 'common' Japanese food, ex. Tamagoyaki(omelet), Shio onigiri(rice ball with salt), Teriyaki salmon, Tofu with ginger and scallion, long cooked Pork with Soya, etc.

The tea sommeliers will combine one sort of Japanese tea with one sort of Japanese food. 
Which tea is the best combination with Tamagoyaki? It's exciting to know the result and the reason!

Let's enjoy Japanese tea and food tasting!

Participation Fee: 
200kr for JNS members
230kr for non-members
(Including tea tasting and small pieces of each food.)

Deadline for registration: 6th October

Registration through google forms:

If you would like to become our members, please check the following site:


Palais des Thesのティーソムリエによる日本茶についてのレクチャーの後に、5-6種類の日本茶と和食のテイスティングを行います。

和食はGutta fra Havetから卵焼き、塩おにぎり、シャケの照り焼き、冷奴、煮豚など一般的な和食を用意いたします。