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Norwegian Culture Inspired Japanese Tea Ceremony “ichi・go・ichi・e (for once in one life)”

Norwegian Culture Inspired               Japanese Tea Ceremony                           “ichi・go・ichi・e (for once in one life)” 

Saturday, May 28th, 2016 3:00 pmー5:00 pm (Open the doors 2:45 pm) 

The Japan Norway  Society and Oslo International Club / Oslo International Hub in co-operation invites to the Japanese traditional tea-ceremony event.

Traditional Japanese tea ceremony could be said as comprehensive art style, letting us experienced Japanese aesthetic values. Usually the host prepares wholeheartedly choice of places, interior and exterior, painting, tools, cloths, food, scent, kinds of tea, including a delicate temperature of the water to make a just cup of tea.

This hospitality is completed in the shape of minimalism and perfectionism, well known “zen” style. 

The tea ceremony has some rules but ultimately, all rules are needed just only to respect the spirit, which is that host and guest must cherish together this moment right now. This is the spirit called “ichi-go-ichi-e (for once in one life)”.  In short, if you respect this “ichi-go-ichi-e”spirit, you can give your own ceremony mixed with Norwegian or the other culture.

For this time, supported by HOLE DESIGN in Oslo, we will try to give a new “Norway-Japan” style of tea ceremony. 

HOLE DESIGN will design the table exclusively for this event, inspired by the way of tea ceremony.  Mr. Lars Ernst Hole, the designer of HOLE DESIGN will have a short lecture about how Norwegian design industry can collaborate with Japanese traditional culture and artisan works. Small reception follows after the ceremony. 

All attendance will taste a cup of “Matcha” (high quality green tea) , maximum 30 people of attendance can try to join the ceremony. We also offer some flavored Japanese teas, supported by Dobashi-En from Tokyo.   

Let’s join us and share a cup of tea!

We are also highly welcomed, dressed in Japanese traditional “Kimono” style:)


2:45 pm door opens

3:00 - 3:20 pm tea ceremony

3:20 - 3:40 pm short lecture

3:40 pm - tea ceremony trial 

4:00 pm - small reception                                                                                                

5:00 pm end of program

Demonstrators; Svein Westad (Teacher at Urasenke Tankokai Tea Ceremony Group Norway), Yasuko Oki (Lecturer of Tea Ceremony at Omotesenke)  

Place             : Oslo International Club - Oscars Gate 27 Oslo

Price             : 150 NOK for JNS and Oslo International Club/Hub members 200 NOK for                             non-member

The fee includes; Tasting Matcha Tea & Sweets, Flavored, Teas, Finger Foods (Sushi)

-If you want to join, please send e-mail to before Tuesday May 24, writing down "Tea Ceremony " in the subject area.

-We will take "first come - first serve" policy. Registration will be completed by confirmation mail after your payment attendance fee. We ask for the fee to be paid by May 24th. Bank account No. 1609 04 42094 (The Japan Norway Society). Mark payment with your name and "Tea Ceremony".  

-For JNS or Oslo International Club/Hub members, please write down  #JNS or #Club/HUB at your payment.

(Please send an e-mail to if you want to take the opportunity as and become a JNS member. )

- Cancellations after May 24th will be full charged. If you want to cancel your registration, please contact to as soon as possible before this deadline.  

- Maximum number of participants is 60. 30 of participants can try to join the ceremony. Please actively participate when we ask for at the ceremony!

This event is co-hosted by the Japan Norway Society and Oslo International Club / Oslo International Hub .

Special supported by HOLE DESIGN and Dobashi-En.