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Hanami Day (organized by Hiroko Kimura)

An Invitation to the 19th Hanami Day 2016: 花見の日: 日本の日

Sunday, April 3, 13:00-15:00, at Historisk museum   

Japanese Day at the Museum of Cultural History, Tullinløkka

 (Annual event since 1998, in various museums) 

Bring your children & friends. Enjoy the day together, with us! Our event is open and everyone is welcome! ☺Please join us with your smile.  ☺


   Date/Time:  April 3, Sunday, 13:00 hrs.--15:00 hrs.   

 Venue: Museum of History & Cultural Heritage, Historisk museum-UiO, Frederiksgt.2. 

 Cost:           Our Japanese event itself is Free & is a dugnad/pot-luck event, in which all of us contribute for you to have a nice time.)  

 NB: The Museum has its Entrance Fee (in 2016: adult=kr.80, children= free, seniors=kr.50 etc.) which gives you access to all exhibitions in the building, incl. East Asia exhibition. . 

 Detailed Program will be informed later, with possible changes : 

 Welcome and Opening, Japanese music, Sing-along, Poetry Reading…

 Japanese Martial art, Ikebana, I-Go(sjakk), Kimono-ladies, Origami, children’s kimono, etc. 

 Free /Gratis: Japanese tea and rice crackers, Japanese books/items from the attic.

 If you have a Japanese dress in silk or cotton, Kimono or Yukata, or a costume, please wear it. 

If you like to join or help me, please contact: Hiroko Kimura, dugnadsleder & organizer since 1998. 

E-mail:  Tel.: 9587 3034