A Guideline for a Grant for J-NS

To promote friendly relations, mutual understanding and cultural interchange between the people of Japan and Norway. 

An individual over 18 years of age residing in Norway. Organization or association registered in Norway. 

What can we sponsor:
•    The purpose and outcome of the activity should contribute to the objective of the society as written above. 
•   Activities with largest impact on the objective will be prioritized.
•   Non-profit making and non-commercial activities.
•   Activities should be completed within 12 months from receiving the grant, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Application process:

•         The application deadline for 2019 grants is May 22.
•         Selection result will be made public at our newsletter, web and social media.
•     The receivers will also be mentioned at our annual general meeting. 

To apply please use the following application form:

Completion of the project and project reporting:
•         A brief report documenting the activity and output including financial report. The report should be sent to J-NS within 3 months after the completed activity unless otherwise agreed.

If any questions, please contact us at post@j-ns.no